Ayuntamiento Fustiñana Government Fustiñana Navarra
The festivities in honor of Saints Justo and Pastor held from 5 to 11 August.
Traditionally they have always been from 5 to 12, but that since 2012, was reduced by one day the festival program and finish the 11.

Begin the festivities with a nice lunch before the loud bang that kicks off the holidays.
The rocket, the broth served before the bulls, heifers, the procession, the popular meals, concerts, festivals, the Riau Riau, etc. .. are the main events that take place during the holidays and have great success.
Up Principles paloteado danced century, a day Saints Justo and Pastor. Involved eight danzaris a mayoral and rabadán.
In 2009 the Paloteado recovered thanks to the work of former paloteadores, and was very well received by all the people who came to see him.