Ayuntamiento Fustiñana Government Fustiñana Navarra
And in honor of the Patroness, Our Lady of the Rock, the third weekend of November was held, lasting for the holidays from Saturday to Tuesday, with the big day on Sunday. These parties are prepared each year for a family of people called the "Depositary".

On Saturday and Sunday a large fire is placed in the center of the square, and after lighting the bonfire by the Depositary Authorities and hundreds of kilos of nuts are thrown by the Balcones del Ayuntamiento, congregating in the square to pick a hundreds. At the end of a collection of fireworks burns and complimentary wine is distributed in the "Camporta". On Sunday auroras are traditional to the Virgin de la Peña by Auroros Fustiñana and targets for the Band, which the Depository to receive them with a hearty breakfast to recharge that morning. Later the procession of the Virgin is carried through the streets of the town and at night the launch of nuts is repeated. Nine days before starting the Novena in honor of the Virgen de la Peña, who comes to people as you would sing and pray with great fervor. Holiday Monday is the day of calderetes. All the people gathered in families, groups of friends, etc. .. gather in the square to each prepare his ranch with ingredients that deliver depositarios.Algún year have counted over 120 calderetes. And on Tuesday, the last day of Fiestas is dedicated to children, with food and games.

To cover these costs with the Fiestas ised the 3rd Sunday in September a popular collection for the people. It comes with a small cloak of virgin and a bag to put the money, reaching approximately 2 hours to raise 15,000 Euros.