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Cabrerizos City Council encourages communication with neighboring creating a mobile application.

Available for smartphones and tablets, as well as access to municipal information among its novelties include the provision of space.


The City of Cabrerizos goes a step further to achieve communication with closer, more agile and faster neighbors, leveraging the benefits offered by new technologies. And it does so through a pioneering initiative in the province, since it is the first municipality of Salamanca which will have its own computer application information, Reskyt designed for Smartphone and Tablets. An application that, as noted by the mayor, Lourdes Villoria, "facilitate access to municipal information". A complementary to the website multimedia application (renewed a year ago), which allow access to news and content and at the same time share.

Cabrerizos, with nearly 5,000 people, has a large segment of young population, habitual user of mobile devices, which have been the final push to implement this new application, developed by Sistic. As Martin Gil said in the presentation, "the idea is to use the means of communication for municipalities to communicate quickly with citizens". On the website, the user has more detailed information, "while the current philosophy is immediacy" and this is where comes into play this new application, to create a channel of "dynamic, fluid, two-way" communication.

An application to meet municipal activity as news, legislation or events thanks to the mobile notifications. And it comes with many new features, push notifications from the possibility of municipal reserve, photo galleries of the events held in the town or a link to the website of the City spaces. The application connects more than 150 social networking applications and can be downloaded directly or using the QR code.