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Comprehensive shopping guide Database


An excellent example of comprehensive data base where you can see the potential of the product to both computer and smartphone. This database includes multiple search filters and search for geolocation to locate stores in the city on the map.


Thanks to the database, all the shops that are part of the guide can be viewed using geolocation on map. Maps showing us where is our location in a green pushpin, and stores appear with a red pushpin on the map. Simply by inputting the coordinates of the store in the different registers.

Search top menu

New provision to put on the top a search engine that attacks the Database menu. It can be placed in the top menu or submenu.

We encourage you to make your business guides Reskyt populations. It is an amazing tool that fits perfectly in this sector and we believe that business can be insured.

This guide has been released this week and is being a complete success, as there are all the information about the city in a single App. With the possibility of advertising and be able to announce Push notifications to all citizens. A source of revenue for the manager of this guide. And one way to achieve corporate websites with Reskyt for stores to display all the information of your business to customers using the guide.

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