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The house of the book launches APP with Reskyt

The book house will boost its sales through the new sales channel, improving the shopping experience and customer loyalty.


Today the Book House launches an App by Reskyt. The company, founded in 1923, is one of the Spanish companies that sells the most books in Spain. It has 53 physical bookstores spread throughout the Peninsula and they have been leaders in online book sales since 1996. Starting today, your customers will be able to place their orders through the APP and receive them at any point, or pick them up at any of the their bookstores.
The book house will boost its sales through this new sales channel, where its customers will experience improved usability, browsing speed and comfort.
Its bookstores are located in Albacete, Alicante, Badajoz, Barcelona, Bilbao, Cartagena, Castellón, Córdoba, Gandía, Gijón, Granada, Las Palmas, Logroño, Madrid, Málaga, Murcia, Oviedo, Palma de Mallorca, Ponferrada, San Sebastián, Santander , Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Valencia, Valladolid, Vigo, Vitoria and Zaragoza. Their central locations and wide opening hours make the bookstores meeting points for readers, booksellers, publishers and writers.

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