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Yellow shop renews its website with shopify and updates its App with Reskyt

Since mid-2021, the Reskyt platform allows full integration with shopify automatically.


Yellow Shop, state leader in youth footwear, renews its website with the shopify platform, which adapts perfectly to the Reskyt platform, which has allowed it to update the App with its new web version.

The Reskyt technology platform allows automatic integration with web creation platforms: Prestashop, Magento, SalesForce, Woocommerce, Vtex, Logicommerce, Shopify, Tiendanube and stores made with custom programming.

It also allows full integration with the applications most used by ecommerce to improve communication with customers, usability and location: Octone, Doofinder, Zendesk, Sequra, WhatsApp, Empathy, Google Maps, Google Analytics, etc.