11 Apr

The Tertulias del Ateneo

The consumer is the goal of the market, the star point in which inevitably fall all the appreciations that make the product in question, useful appetizing and even necessary. That is why it is exposed to all the perversions that advertising, deceptive recommendations, imaginative legal protections and fraudulent recommendations issued by supposedly protective organizations such as large companies, banks and notaries, abuse their defenselessness, their lack of knowledge.

Next Wednesday, April 11, we will dedicate ourselves to consider all these problems from the perspective of defending consumer rights following the advice of an expert such as Lola Lobillo Recio, licensed in Law and practicing lawyer.


It will be at 19:30 in the Ovoid building

Contact telephones: 629722427 and 952446715

Electronic address: " tertuliasateneo@hotmail.com "

Blog information: "benaltertulias.blogspot.com"

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