21 Feb

Athenaeum of Cordoba

Francisco López Barrios, journalist and writer, lived his childhood in Morocco, has published a dozen books and won literary awards such as the novel "Ciudad de Granada", in 1983, or the "Martín Recuerda" 2001 of Teatro, being a finalist in others, such as the Critic of Andalusia, for his book of stories The Night of Terror Terrorist (2003). He was founder and director of Cuadernos del Mediodía, the first cultural supplement in the history of Andalusian journalism, hosted by the pages of the Diario de Granada, and the publishing house Cuadernos de la Afrobética, specialized in issues related to the Maghreb, as well as a contributor to literary and cultural publications as emblematic as the weekly Triunfo, La Calle, Letras del Sur and others. He was Head of the Cultural Department and Cultural Correspondent of the newspaper El Independiente, of Madrid, (1989-91), Director of the magazine Injuve (1995) of the Institute of Youth, and presenter and advisor in the first and second TVE networks, of cultural programs and books, such as "Cultural Informativo", "Tele revista de Arte y Cultura" and "Entrelíneas".
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