7th PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST Ateneo de Mairena del Aljarafe 2020

July 6, 2020 at Ateneo de Mairena del Aljarafe

The Photography Group convenes the 7th Ateneo de Mairena del Aljarafe 2020 PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION.

Any person of legal age may participate regardless of their nationality and residence.
The subject is:


"The street during confinement, de-escalation and a new normal."

Each author can participate with a maximum of 4 photographs . The photographs submitted will be original, not awarded or previously published.
The photographs must be sent in digital format (JPG), with a maximum size of 2 MG by email, to the address septimo.premio.foto.ateneo. mairena@gmail.com , until September 30, 2020, accompanied by the following information: Title of the work, name of the author and email. The name of the author and the title of the work must be in each photographic file sent.

The First Prize is endowed with 500 euros.

Participation in the Contest implies full acceptance of the rules, which can be read and downloaded here:

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Literary meeting with IVÁN ONIA, writer

July 7, 2020 @ 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm at Ateneo de Mairena del Aljarafe


The public MEETINGS of the Literary Group, like this one that concerns us, are OPEN to all people LOVERS OF LITERATURE, whether they are from the Athenaeum, Mairena, Aljarafe, Seville or anywhere else.
These encounters venture into the biography of the invited person and the reading of some of their texts, as well as questions, debate and talk about both literary and life aspects.
On Tuesday, July 7, Iván Onia comes to share our literary meeting.
The first poetic memory of IVÁN ONIA VALERO (Seville, 1980) refers to Antonio Machado. Not to a few loose verses, like many other 3rd BUP students, but to the 'Complete Works'. Because he is complete: Jorge Luis Borges, José Ángel Valente, Antonio Gamoneda, Félix Grande, all the poetic prose of Francisco Umbral. He is to underline and to write down. From exploring to the smallest corner of those literary universes that have dazzled him.
I haven't read a novel in a long time. In a way, I do miss reading for reading, writing for writing. Now what I am looking for are always those authors who sit me down to write, that make you want to overcome it and it is becoming more and more complicated ”.
This is Ivan's relationship with poetry. Permanent, absorbent, possessive.
Before the outbreak of desktop publishing and social media, Iván Onia collected his poems in a kind of notebook, created a cover with cardboard and “ took them to a printing house to cut them with a guillotine. I remember them very fondly because I was excited to give them to friends . "
He confesses that this naivety and naturalness have been disappearing as luck, and painstaking work in his room (' the simple wafer on the page, where the hope of what can be' hibernates ), have transformed solitary delivery into a voice. exposed.
As a result of his blog Las puntas del tiempo , he published his first plaquette with Ediciones en Huida, titled 'Tumbada cicatriz' (2011). He was one of the Andalusian poets included in the anthology 'Life ahead' (2012) and the same editors of En Huida offered him to publish 'Gallery of the World and Oblivion' (2013), with which he was nominated for the Andalusian Prize for the Review 2014.
This was a year of good news. He premiered with 'Hermanos de Nadie' the poetry collection of the new Karima Editora label, a project undertaken by Sara Castelar Lorca, and, although he failed to win the Antonio Colinas Young Poetry Prize, convened by La Isla de Siltolá, his poetry collection 'El decapitación de Ashton 'is published in 2016 by the publishing house directed by Javier Sánchez Menéndez.
It will be one more step, in a process that has not been sought. “ Publishing has always been a consequence, not a principle. I prefer to write well to publish. One of the bad things about publishing is that it is immovable. As you are mistaken, you know that that poem that is there, when turning the page, kills you. For this reason, I work much more on poetry books ”.
A sense of responsibility and self-criticism, almost from another era, that leads him to " be more demanding ". " Unconsciously, you are adopting a series of mechanisms because you know that you will have to recite those poems, that people will read them ."
The biggest difference I have noticed these years is patience. Before, I wanted to start a poem and finish it on the same day, and now, nothing happens if it takes months. A poem is still written saved because you have it in your head and you are modifying it. You correct and correct corrections until you disgust the poem, literally ”.
Ivan writes a lot at night, first drawing a skeleton or an initial draft. (' However, it is sweet to check your own key / at night, playing your own note over and over / like a singsong or dripping oil. Individual / who falls asleep within his own voice / with the lullaby who sings to him ' ). As he is autonomous and has to move constantly by car, “ I take the poem in the passenger seat and I correct it. I reprint it with the corrections and the next day I take it back with me. Thus, night and day. By night and by day ”.
Isn't it obsessive? I ask him. Excessively laborious? “ It is laborious and exciting because, when something fits you, the feeling of being the first reader of that is exciting. There are times when you know that yes, that is the word and that the person who reads it will feel exactly the sensation that you are describing ”.
This millimetric approach leads you to work each poem in an isolated way, not with a predetermined structure. “ I am a reader and writer of poems, not of poetry books. A set of good poems is always going to be a set of good poems ”. However, a new challenge has been proposed, also the result of the evolution it is experiencing in writing, from verse to poetic prose. " In the current collection of poems, I have drawn a structure for myself and I am going to write specifically for those gaps ".
Its fixation is metaphors. “ The union of two images, two realities has always dazzled me, that until you see them together, you did not know them. The pure, pure essence is a kind of light, or birth, that you had not seen until then .
With a slow pace, you have already read it, night and day, night and day, Iván Onia considers that “ to succeed today in poetry, at a time when there are no currents, and everything is heterogeneous, in addition to writing you need a character , a poetic life, which is what social networks greatly favor. It matters how you wrap your poetry . " " I do not have a poetic life beyond poetry. It would burn me out . ”
When he gets out of focus, he has an alarm voice that says to him: “ Ivan, go back to your principles, to your room, to your completes. Reread until you write something in condition. Honesty is reading a lot to write something . ”
(From the interview published at http://letrasanfibias.com/ ).

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The CHORUS of the Athenaeum seeks new voices

July 8, 2020 at Sala Rolando

The Choir of the Ateneo de Mairena is on the way to three years of activity and, although it has been changing its composition, it is currently made up of 13 people.

The direction of the Choir is still in charge of Irene Román and coordination is carried out by Ada Maesso.
Looking ahead to the new season, they are looking for new voices, especially male voices. People who like to sing and who want to participate in this activity so attractive and healthy, can write an email to the coordinator to get information and sign up. The contact is:


The start of the activity will be on October 1 at six in the afternoon in the Rolando Hall of the Athenaeum (if a virus outbreak does not prevent it).
Rehearsals will be every Thursday from six in the afternoon to quarter to eight.
We attach a link to know the benefits of singing in a Choir:
http: //www.gospelbarcelona. com / en / blog-news-choir / 95- sing-choir-gospel #: ~: text = Is% 20a% 20activity% 20effective% 20contra,% 20level% 20de% 20beauty% 20personal
The cover photo is from October 2019 and does not exactly correspond to the current composition.

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Folk Thursdays at the Athenaeum: OPEN MICRO

July 9, 2020 @ 8:30 pm to 11:00 pm at Ateneo de Mairena del Aljarafe

Activity scheduled on THURSDAYS 2, 9 and 16 JULY: Atheists and friends of the Athenaeum share their favorite songs, enjoying and making the music enjoy. Anyone can join in singing with their guitar or someone to accompany them.

In the afternoon-evening of the Jeves 2 they accompanied us: the duo of Ana Guil and Pablo Feria, although Pablo also sang a couple of songs alone; the Variable Geometry group; José Antonio García, and the group Radio Libre. A beautiful night, with excellent temperature, full of good music.
An activity that allows you to enjoy, at the same time, the July nights on the terrace of the Ateneo, a quiet, pleasant and charming place, where you can have a drink sharing conversation between themes.

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La Taberna del Ateneo: RESERVATIONS at 647 49 66 66

July 3, 2020 @ 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm at Ateneo de Mairena del Aljarafe

An important part of the Athenaeum is our Tavern, which will remain open until July 17 by reservation.

After meetings, gatherings, acts, concerts ... you always want to share a drink and a tapa with friends, whether or not they are atheists. It is a part of our culture and a hallmark of our hospitality.
The person in charge of the Tavern of the Athenaeum, and creator of its rich tapas, is Ana Gutiérrez, who puts all her dedication so that we enjoy those moments of agape and talk.
In these times of de-escalation, the activity of the bar is limited to the terrace and it is necessary to make a prior reservation on the phone:

647 49 66 66 (table reservation phone on the Ateneo terrace)

Although it must be said, for those who do not know it, that our terrace, in the late evenings of spring and early summer, is a true wonder. A quiet, pleasant and charming place.
YOU ALREADY KNOW: Make a reservation to make sure you have a place. And even if you think about coming on the go, ask beforehand so as not to give you a ride.


It is possible to go to dinner on the weekend by making a prior reservation.

CALL 647 49 66 66 and ask.


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