15 Jan
26 Jan

Athenaeum of Malaga

Today, January 15, The Labyrinth City is inaugurated, an exhibition that brings together
a series of paintings by Rafael Alvarado dedicated to our city, and more
specifically to the new ways of living in it.

For a long time the artist has reflected in his painting the amazement that
produces issues of social injustice. His works ride between a
passionate look at art, its history, its subject, everything that is expressive
It has artistic emotion and a non-contemplative stance on social tragedy.

These paintings seen today in this winter of 2021, they cannot leave us
impassive. What are those rats that roam our city? In which
city inhabit the immobile men-sculptures or the visitors who stroll
with wheels on the feet by sites with a clear monumental identity but without
its own inhabitants? The empty and labyrinthine museum city is painted
here before it emptied like a premonition so real it now seems

In this way, La Anteala del Ateneo is once again betting on local production
with a project prepared expressly for this peculiar space,
dedicated to author projects at the express invitation of the Athenaeum.
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