17 Sep
30 Oct

Athenaeum of Malaga

The Antechamber of the Athenaeum of Malaga is the second stop of the last project made by the young artist Virgnia Rota, after its premiere at the Andalusian Center of Photography, last spring.

The black penalty is a photographic project about the externalization of pain before death, about what remains of mourning in Spain. The interest of the artist has been to investigate what the history of this custom in our country, through written and 13 real testimonies of people who still keep it, in order to make a portrait of this farewell ritual that does not end . The testimonials can be heard in the headphones that accompany each portrait.

According to Abrahan Gragera, author of the exhibition's catalog text, Virginia Rota is one of those rare artists capable of showing us what ancient masters paint today, and not only because the tradition from which it is nurtured from the formal point of view does not limit yourself to the history of photography and also extend to Renaissance and Baroque painting; it is, above all, for his insistence on the human condition (his work is almost exclusively composed of portraits), his psychological depth (disturbing, of a lucid wound) and the sobriety of his particular realism.
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