25 Sep

Athenaeum of Malaga

In the Antechamber of the Athenaeum of Malaga, there will be a collective reading of poems, written by various creators, which seeks to give a new meaning to the exhibition 'La pena negra', by Virginia Rota, shows that it can be visited until October 31.

The poems that will accompany the photographs of Malaga will be linked to loss, grief, mourning. The creators involved in this collective reading are: Daniel Díaz Godoy, Francisco Quintero, Beatriz Russo, Álvaro Campos, Pablo Bujalance, Ángelo Néstore, Paloma Peñarrubia, Cristina Consuegra, Inés Mª Guzmán, Jorge Villalobos, Rosa Romojaro and Victoria Abón.

Admission is free until capacity is reached.

In this exhibition, Virginia Rota reflects on the projection of pain, its ritual after the loss of a loved one, that external vision of pain that maintains a strong link with the present through certain groups and specific populations of our geography. The interest of the artist is none other than to investigate «what has been the history of this custom in our country through the written and testimony of thirteen people who still mourn, in order to make a portrait of this farewell ritual that has no end ».