26 Sep

Muñoz Degrain Room of the Athenaeum of Malaga

Colloquium presentation of Poetry has died of Luna Pérez, one of the most restless artists of the cultural scene that seeks to reflect on the situation of the artistic exercise through various categories, from plastic to literary.

The creator will talk with Cristina Consuegra, feminist vocalist of Ateneo de Málaga.

Admission is free until capacity is reached.

In 2003, Luna Pérez writes the first draft of 'Poetry is dead' to be represented in a performance key; Perhaps this starting point, which is debated between the physical and the reflective, is the reason why the work shows that border character, in terms of gender, because it plays with characteristics that rescues poetry, the scenic and narrative, miscegenation that reinforces the discursive line of a title that starts from the essential concepts of the Freudian psychoanalytic theory, specifically, the three entities on which the psychic apparatus is based according to Freud, "The It, the I and the Superego" . The poems translate this structure and gives voice to three characters - Ella, He and La Voz - who engage in a dialogue, electric, through which the author slides those personal tensions, fear, desire, frustration, ... born from the confrontation with a time and present, realities that Luna Pérez has analyzed, now, since the writing exercise.