3 Oct

Literary Athenaeum of Puerto Real

The young Puerto Rican writer, Germán López Toledo, presents this Thursday, October 3 from seven in the afternoon at the Cultural Center of the San José Church his first novel entitled 'Another prophet who smoked marijuana' edited by Ediciones En Flight. An act that serves to open the autumn program of activities of the Literary, Arts and Science Athenaeum of Puerto Real, organizer of the event with the collaboration of the Town Hall of the town. The author signs his debut opera under the pseudonym Cruz Ortega, and to make it known will be accompanied on this occasion by both the editor, Martín Lucía, and his father, José Antonio López Cruz, who is responsible for having instilled passion since childhood For the literature.

In this first work of the artist of the Villa, a daily landscape is built in an unnamed place, in which three people see how their lives are forced to travel along a fairly dark existential path. Thus it all begins with the awakening of René, a journalism student, a recognized misanthrope and, who acts as an omniscient storyteller. René does not live alone, he does it with a childhood friend, who plays the role of a prophet referred to in the title of the work. Both are immersed in an empty existence that they have not asked for, in which Elisa will appear, a humanist without remedy that reveals an incipient list of complexes. Under this plot, there are a series of surreal situations where philosophy and religion are confronted, under a critical and reflexive prism. All this, to dissect the "sad" reality of the current human existence that the characters are drawing during the course of the novel.

'Another prophet who smoked marijuana' represents the leap to the literary scene of this young man of 21 years who, despite studying Biotechnology at the UCA, since adolescence he has been writing and cultivating his love of letters. Thus, in 2016 he won a story contest for young people of the Department of Youth of the City of Castellón. On this step, Germán acknowledges that "for me it is a great illusion to have published my first book, and that many more people have the opportunity to read me."

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