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Opening of the Ateneo Chair Course - University of Cádiz


This morning, Wednesday April 3, 2019 at 1:00 pm, the Opening of the Course of the Ateneo Chair - University of Cádiz was held with a conference "The Exempt Areas" given by Mr. Francisco Piñero Parra . Seminar of the mention in international business of the Degree in ADE organized by the Chair of Internationalization of Companies of the UCA in collaboration with Cátedra Ateneo-UCA.
Presentation by Mrs. Amelia Rodríguez Martín (Director of the Ateneo-UCA Chair), Mr. José Almenara Barrios (President of the Ateneo) and Mr. Juan Antonio Micó Segura (Vice-Rector for Research of the UCA).
Mr. Eduardo González Mazo (Rector of the UCA) closed the event .