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The Athenaeums of Andalusia condemn the act of the Phalanx at the Athenaeum of Madrid: "It's a desecration"

Through a statement atheists reject fascist symbology and call to defend "culture in freedom" against those who annihilated it "through repression"


The Ateneos Federation of Andalusia , which brings together more than twenty Andalusian Athenaeums and represents more than three thousand cultural volunteers from the different Andalusian provinces, has condemned the act held on October 29 by the Spanish Falange de la Jons at the Ateneo from Madrid. The century-old institution has been the result of criticism for granting permission to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the Phalanx under financial compensation and, at the same time, receive 350,000 euros of public funding.

For the board of directors of Andalusian atheists, this institution, with two centuries of history, turned its headquarters on Tuesday into "shelter of the exaltation of a lucid part of the history of Spain whose pillars were forged on hate and unreasonableness". Thus, the celebration of the 86th anniversary of the founding of the Falange is for the federation “improper of an advanced democracy and a rule of law in the 21st century” since it must have as its principle “elementary and non-transferable respect for rights Humans . "

Along these lines, the Andalusian Athenaeums believe that memory is "like a prophet with his eyes turned backwards", which is why they consider the decision of the Madrid Athenaeum to open its doors to manifestations of "inexplicable" and "unjustified" apologetic symbology of fascism that this formation will lead ”. At the same time, the generation laments and denounces the act because it supposes “a true desecration of a space that, for almost two centuries of existence, has been avant-garde and bulwark of the intelligentsia, of the culture in freedom and the progress through the science, literature, social commitment and critical thinking ”, being a reference for other athenaeums.

In this way they believe that neither the economic amount nor any particular interest can excuse the cession of this space to a formation like Falange, since precisely the Athenaeum “saw its doors closed, its voice turned off and its legacy destroyed under the yoke and the arrows that only a few days ago they stood inside their building ”. The manifesto has joined the boards of other local athenaeums, such as the Ateneo de Jerez, and has been shared by Atheist figures such as Antonio Manuel, vice president of the federation.