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Ateneo de Mairena del Aljarafe

The Ateneo de Mairena del Aljarafe announces the sixth edition of its Photography competition.

  1. PARTICIPANTS : Any person of legal age, regardless of their nationality and residence, may participate.


            "Fences of all kinds, except publicity, built with any material and in any time or geography, in rural and urban areas, that obstruct, separate, enclose, block, isolate ... people or animals."


  1. TECHNICAL, FORMAT AND NUMBER OF PHOTOGRAPHS : Photographs can be made with digital or analog cameras. They can be edited with any image editing program, accepting their delivery in color, black and white or taped. Photomontages will not be valid. Small touches will be allowed, but elements of its original composition can not be eliminated or added. The photographs must be unpublished, not being able to present snapshots that have been awarded in any other contest.

The works that present some type of mark, copyright or signature that make reference to their authorship, will not be admitted in the contest.

4. Each author may participate with a maximum of 3 photographs . The photographs presented will be original, not awarded or previously published.

    5. DELIVERY AND DEADLINE : Photographs must be sent in digital format (JPG), with a maximum size of 2 MG by email, to the address: sexto.premio.foto.ateneo.mairena@gmail.com , until the October 1, 2.019, accompanied by the following information: Title of the work, name of the author and email.

The name of the author and the title of the work must be in each photo file sent . Of all the received works, the Photography group of the Ateneo will make a selection of 40 photographs, which will form the exhibition. These will be delivered to the Jury, and this will choose the three finalist photographs. In the meantime, the authors will be contacted through the email from which they sent their contributions, so that they can send their printed works on paper. The size of the photograph will be 40x30 cm., Maximum. The size of the stain is free, within these parameters.

It is important that the photograph is sent well protected, to avoid folds and wrinkles.

The shipping address of the photographs is , C / Juan Ramón Jiménez s / n - 41927 Mairena del Aljarafe (Seville).


  1. JURY : The Jury will be composed of 3 people of recognized prestige in the world of photography whose identity will be announced later. The decision of the Jury will be unappealable, and in case it is considered that the submitted photographs do not reach the required level, any of the prizes may be deserted. No more than one prize may be given to the same author. The ruling will be announced on the website of the Ateneo de Mairena, www.ateneomairena.org, on November 1, 2019. Notifying the winners by email two weeks before.


  1. PRIZES : The prizes will be as follows:

First prize : 500 euros and a diploma.

First runner-up : diploma.

Second runner-up : diploma.

Audience Award : accrediting diploma. This prize will be chosen by popular vote among the visitors of the exhibition.

The Ateneo de Mairena will publish an electronic book with the selected photographs that will be sent to all the participants of the exhibition.


  1. PROPERTY AND REPRODUCTION : The copies of the awarded photos will be the property of the Ateneo de Mairena. Those selected for the exhibition, and not awarded, may be withdrawn by their authors or persons to whom they have given legal power, between January 12 and 31, 2020, being the property of the Mairena Athenaeum those not withdrawn in that date.


  1. EXHIBITION : The finalist photographs will be exhibited at the headquarters of the Ateneo de Mairena. The exhibition will be open to the public on Thursday , November 28 , 2019 . On the same day, the prizes will be awarded, less the Public Prize that will be awarded at the end of the exhibition.

The photographic work will be exhibited framed in a metal frame, on white and glass-protected mat. Being assembly work and cost of this by the organization.

The exhibition can be visited until December 20, 2019.


  1. Winners of previous editions will not be able to appear to the contest


  1. FINAL OBSERVATION : In order to receive the prize, the physical presence of the winners will be necessary at the headquarters of the Ateneo, being able to require the owners of the works to present their national identity document.

If minors appear in the work, the authors may be required to present an authorization from their parents or legal guardians.

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