10 years of Andalusian Atheneism

At the Góngora Theater in Córdoba, the 8th Ateneos Andaluces Encounter took place, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Ateneos de Andalucía Federation.

The presentation of the event was in charge of the journalist Marta Jiménez, who after the welcome, gave way to the different interventions, starting with the Mayor of Córdoba, Isabel Ambrosio and then the Secretary General of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía, Mª Cristina Saucedo .

After the presentation of Athenian Awards of Andalusia, the President of the Ateneo de Córdoba, Antonio Varo, intervened and, between the appointment of Athenaeists and Athenaeums of Honor, the intervention of the President of the Federation "Athenaeums of Andalusia", Antonio Manuel Rodríguez Ramos took place. .

The poet Juana Castro, the professor of the UCO, Carmen Galán Soldevilla, and Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former president of Unesco and president of the Culture of Peace Foundation, were named honorary Ateneísta.

As Athenaeums of Honor, on this occasion, the Orchestra of Cordoba and the Cordovan rock group, Medina Azahara.


The Athenian Prizes of Andalusia, prizes awarded to the athenaeums for their cultural work to the activities carried out, were the following:




- Prize:

* Ateneo Popular de Herrera: "Recovery of the Bibliographical Heritage of José Martín Arjona"

- Accésits:

* Popular Athenaeum of Seville: "Christian Andersen and his passage through Seville"

* Arbonaida Athenaeum of El Cuervo: "III Rapid Painting Competition in the open air` Laguna de los Tollos' "





- Prize:

* Ateneo de Málaga: "With Music Life is more"

- Accésits:

* Athenian of Granada: "The Culture of our time"

* Athenian of Chiclana: "City of Stars"

* Athenian of Sanlúcar: "Group of Music"





- Prize:

* Popular Athenaeum of Almodóvar: "Experiential Workshops of Abstract and Expressive Painting for Children"

- Accésits:

* Athenaeum of Algeciras: "Solidarity Cultural Marathon"

* Ateneo de Mairena del Aljarafe: "La Cuchara del Ateneo"






* Ateneo de Córdoba: "30 years of the delivery of the Silver Lunch Boxes"

- Accésits:

* Ateneo de Cádiz: "Commemoration Campaign of the Tercentenary of the Casa de Contratación. Cádiz 1717-2017 "

* Ateneo de Jerez: "Day of the Atheist"


How could it be otherwise, the musical performance was in charge of Medina Azahara, with whom we enjoyed the songs in acoustic: "Córdoba", "Everything has its end", "Walking through the Mosque", "You will always be in me "And" I need to breathe. "

To close the ceremony, after the words of Marta Jiménez, the Anthem of Andalusia was sung, with the impromptu intervention, of the young cantaora cuca, Amparo Ramos.

Then, the attendants went to enjoy a lunch at the El Bandolero restaurant in Córdoba; and as the closing of the day, he walked through the Patios del Alcázar Viejo.