2 Apr

We recover the hug with the Vega

In the Library of Andalusia-Granada Provincial Library at the conference organized by the Ateneo de Granada " Reflections on Agroecology: work and territory seen from the Vega de Granada" that addresses agroecology as a socio-environmental project that wants, to a At the same time, recover the Vega de Granada as an economic engine and supplier of healthy and close food, create decent work in our neighborhoods and towns that link these with the potential of the fertile valley and, together with all this, promote an endogenous development model that reestablishes a comprehensive and sustainable relationship between people and the places where they live.

With these objectives, it was born more than two years ago We recovered the embrace with the Vega , a project shared by different organizations of La Vega, ecologists and social. Throughout this time, the praxis of the "Embrace" has generated reflections on socio-agro-environmental problems and the search for strategies and tools so that the inhabitants of our territories are the true protagonists of the transformations that these need.

About the evolution of this project, Jesús Peña and Pablo Cáceres Santiago will speak to us, members of the movement for the defense and revitalization of La Vega since its inception.

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