10 Jun

"Meet Two Sisters"


Next Sunday, June 10, Ateneo Andaluz organizes an activity in which there will be a unique opportunity to learn about the plant and environmental wealth of the green areas of our city.

It is a guided tour of the Lake of Life Park . A botanical route, included in the program "Conocer Dos Hermanas", a project that aims to publicize the plant heritage of parks and other areas of great natural value within our city. The space to visit is located in the area of ​​Entrenúcleos, in land of the former Hacienda Torre Doña María, one of the oldest buildings in the city.

The activity lasts 60 minutes and will start at 11 in the morning. The starting point will be the car parks of the park itself , located between the Monument to the Thinker (Avda Felipe González Márquez) and the Mercadona supermarket (Avda de las Universidades)

Registration: to participate you only need to register giving name and surname by whatsapp to phone 617 925 694.


The activity is aimed at all people who love nature in general, taking a walk on a green area, where the guide, a specialist in gardening, will inform about the different plant species that are in the area, comment on many other topics related to plants and green areas, as well as the history of the place and the transformations that it has had over time.


Discover with us the most natural part of the cities through its gardens and green corners.


The Side of Life is formed by a set of fountains, canals, lakes and some waterfalls that create different environments with water in motion. The whole complex has large green areas, with large recreational areas and paths that invite to the walk.


The vegetation of the area is composed of large grass meadows, where some species of riparian trees such as poplars, willows and ash trees are scattered. There are also other species typical of gardens such as the tipuanas, neros or bougainvillea. As a plant to be highlighted, mention should be made of the enea, which is found along the entire route, planted at the edge of the watercourse.


Our monitor is Miguel Ángel Maya, Technician in Gardening and Environmental Restoration. He has been professionally dedicated to green areas for thirty years and has participated in many projects of creation and maintenance of parks and gardens, both public and private. For twelve years he has combined his work as a technician with that of a teacher, having given numerous training courses in different levels of education. He has published thirteen books on gardening and horticulture, approved for obtaining Vocational Training degrees.

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