17 Sep
15 Oct

Organized by: Cooperativa Eléctrica San Francisco de Asís

The Foundation of the Valencian Community of the San Francisco de Asís Electric Cooperative, with the aim of promoting the figure of the renowned watercolorist Mr. Julio Quesada Guilabert, calls for participation in the "X INTERNATIONAL AWARD OF JULIO QUESADA ACUARELA PRIZE", with according to the following BASES:

Pre-registration: In this edition we have considered establishing the figure of the pre-selected, in order to save costs to the authors. So all those who wish to participate in this International Contest, will send the digital image of the work (no more than one mega), attaching the data of the same (Technical File), in Word format. As well as those of the author (Name and surnames, telephone, and email), by email to: info@museojulioquesada.com.

This pre-registration will be open from September 17 until October 15. (from 2018)

With the works received by this means, the Jury will select the works to be exhibited. Once the selection is made, the authors will be asked to send their works to Cooperativa Eléctrica San Francisco de Asís, Sacred Heart of Jesus Street, number 17, in Crevillente (Alicante), CP 03330, so that the Jury having physically the works , select the awarded ones, as well as the honorable mentions.

1º.- All artists of any nationality may participate in this Contest .

2º.-Each author may participate with only one work, being indispensable conditions:
a.-That the technique used is only Watercolor on paper (That is to say that mixed media was not used), (If you have any doubt consult the organizers of the Contest by phone or email).
b.-That are signed on the front, indicating on the back of the work the name and surname of the author, as well as the telephone number.
c.- That in the subject on the back of the work, include curriculum, no more than one side of a page, containing: name and surname of the author, artistic name, title of the work, dimensions, address for return , phone number, email, also a photocopy of the DNI, NIE or Passport will be attached.
d.-That the size of the framed work does not exceed 120 x120 cm.
e.-That the works are presented framed with a wooden baquetón, with a thickness of 3 cm. maximum on the front and five on the side. They will be able to take a mat of no more than 10 centimeters seen.
f.-That are not protected with glass, being able to use plastic or unbreakable materials, such as methacrylate.
g.-That the work is sent with resistant packaging that prevents the possible deterioration of the work and can be used for its return. (If delivery is done personally, no packing is necessary).

3º.- The Theme is freely chosen .

4.-The deadline for admission of selected works will be communicated personally to those selected, sending the work to "Julio Quesada Museum Painter" (Cooperativa Eléctrica San Francisco de Asis), Sacred Heart of Jesus Street, number 17, in Crevillente (Alicante) ), CP 03330, telephones 965.400.862 and 666.674.508, on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (For deliveries after hours, contact Mr. Sergio Lledó, telephone 666.674.508, or e-mail: info@museojulioquesada.com.

5.-The works may be delivered personally or sent by agency, at the participant's risk. The Valencian Community Foundation of the Cooperativa Eléctrica San Francisco de Asis will take the utmost care in the handling of the works received, but will not be held responsible for any loss, theft, breakage or damage that could result from transport or unpredictable accidents.
- The author who so wishes may, on a personal basis, contract an insurance policy for his work, which includes, among others, demerit and nail to nail clauses.

6.-The Jury of the contest, will be appointed by the Foundation of the San Francisco de Asís Electric Cooperative, will be formed by people of recognized competence and training in the subject matter of the contest.
-If in the deliberation prior to voting, the jury appointed for that purpose, considers that none of the submitted works has the sufficient quality, the prize may be declared void.
-In any case, the decision of the jury will be unappealable.
-With the selected and awarded works an exhibition will be held in the Exhibition Hall of San Francisco de Asís Electric Cooperative, during the month of December 2018.

7.-Two Prizes are established:
- First Prize with 3000 € , and Diploma.
-Second Prize with € 500, accrediting diploma.
-The work awarded with the First Prize will become part of the Pinacoteca of the Foundation. Not so the winner of the second prize, which will remain the property of the author.
-The Jury may grant up to three "Honorable Mentions".
-The convening Foundation obtains, with the First Prize, the ownership of the awarded work and the right to freely reproduce them in books, catalogs, posters or invitations. However, the award-winning artist who prefers to keep the property of his work is understood to renounce the prize in cash, being awarded the corresponding Diploma. For which you must attach to the registration form, Sworn Statement to that effect.
-The prizes will be subject to the provisions of current legislation on taxes.

8.-In due time, the jury's decision will be communicated by e-mail or failing by telephone to all participants.

9.-The awards ceremony will be held in a public ceremony coinciding with the opening of the exhibition of the contest.

10.-The selected works may be removed in the package that were sent prior presentation of ID or NIE in the Julio Quesada de Crevillent Museum, from January 14 to February 18, 2019.
-The works can be withdrawn in person or by the transportation agency that the author determines, bearing in mind that the author / a will be in charge of calling the agency and will bear the expenses that are derived.
-Two months after the return of the works, if the works have not been removed, they will be considered donated to the foundation, becoming part of the funds of the Julio Quesada Museum.

11.-The organizers reserve the right to modify or take initiatives not regulated in these bases, provided that they can contribute to a greater success of the contest.
-The Organizing Entity will be the one that resolves the contingencies that are presented in the course of this Event.

12.-The participation in this call implies the full acceptance of these bases, as well as the decisions of the jury.

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