17 Jun
21 Jun

Monday 17, 7.30 pm
Admission as a new attendant of Dr. D. Gabriel Ruiz Garzón , (Professor of the Department of Statistics and Operations Research of the UCA), with a conference entitled: "Statistics and statistics in Cádiz from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century" , which will be presented by Dr. D. Héctor Ramos (Professor of the UCA).
Chair: Mr. José Almenara Barrios (President of the Ateneo).

Tuesday 18, 7.30 pm
Presentation of the book "Pon Amor" , finalist of the World Prize for Mystical Poetry Fernando Rielo, by its author, Antonio Bocanegra (writer and atheist), which will be presented by Mr. Ramón Luque (poet and atheist).

Wednesday 19, 7.30 pm
Tertulia Flamenca: "Pericón de Cádiz".
Coordinator: Mr. Germán López (Member of the Board of Directors).

Thursday 20, 7.30 pm
Conference "Architecture and Urbanism in Sanlúcar de Barrameda at the time of the first circumnavigation of Magallanes and Elcano" , by José María Esteban (Architect and 1st Vice-president of the Ateneo).