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Collective tribute to the artist Madeleine Edberg at the Athenaeum of Malaga

The Feminist Cultural Observatory Collective Association pays tribute to the artistic career of Madeleine Edberg, director of the UKaMA art center and based in Malaga since the 1960s.


Next Thursday, January 30, the Collective Association will honor the multidisciplinary artist Madeleine Edberg at the Athenaeum of Malaga, both for her professional career and for her importance in the cultural and artistic context of the city. Co-director of the contemporary art space UKaMa de Torremolinos, together with her daughter, artist Karolina Kinnander, Madeleine Edberg has been living in Spain since the 1960s and is part of the community of foreign artists based in the province (such as Harris, Harvey, Stephan Von Reijwijk, Harding, Leone, Gordon or Huber).

With more than 200 exhibitions behind it, in centers such as the Museum of Art of Sweden or the Museum of Fine Arts of Taiwan, Madeleine Edberg has more than 40 years in the world of art making installations, sculptures, prints, collages, tapestries and Artist books

Madeleine Edberg began studying music in Sweden, her home country. Upon arriving in Spain he continued his learning until he obtained the elementary degree degree in piano specialty at the Conservatory of Music of Malaga in 1976. Two years later, in 1978, his artistic career would opt for plastic arts when he attended artistic drawing studios, sculptures and
Colorful at the San Telmo School of Arts and Crafts. Later he would study photography, learn about the techniques of textile art and experiment with engraving and paper (Experimental Techniques of Engraving, Fuengirola Municipal Workshop, Málaga1986-1988, Experimental engraving workshop directed by Mitsou Miura in 1997, Artistic Serigraphy Workshop taught by Christian Walter in 1998, Handmade papermaking, taught by Juan Manuel Barbe in 1999, among others).

In addition to his studies, which cover up theatrical set courses, Edberg has extensive professional experience as a lecturer and teacher. In this aspect, he has taught tapestry workshops, design with recycled materials, artist's book, wallpaper and engraving. Among his lectures, we can highlight Art of weaving, at the House of Culture of Malaga (1980), Talk about his own work, at the Voipala Art Center, Finland (1995), Fjaltring Center, Denmark (1999), Ruzomerok, Slovakia (2000), and Women in art, Innerwheel Association, Mijas (1997).

He has also made installations in the province of Malaga, among which Temple of Thought stands out, installation of recycled materials in UKaMa (Torremolinos, 2005); We are Nobody (2007); Life and nothing else (2009) and Hold on! (2010) in Espacio Tres Málaga. Also in places as diverse as Lapland (Snow Sculptures, Kiruna Winter Festival, 1994), Egypt (Cairo, Studio-Workshop of Chabramant, Giza 1994) or Slovenia (Bound, Rogatec castle / museum, Slovenia, 2012).

Among its collective and individual exhibitions, the following stand out:

1979 Madeleine Edberg, Les Ateliers du Compas Gallery, Paris, France. 1982 Madeleine Edberg, Museum of Art, Hörby, Sweden. 1983 Museum of Contemporary Art, Ministry of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía, Seville. 1986 Crystal Palace, Country House (Junta de Andalucía) Madrid. 1989 The arts in small format, Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona. 1993 Art in the Supermarket, College of Architects, Malaga. 1993 Goose eye vision, Engraving Folder, Cardos Workshop, Torremolinos (Málaga). 1996 ARCO, Artist Books, Gal. May Moré, Madrid 2000 ARROW, sculptures, Centro Plaza, Madrid 2001 Paradise found, sculptures, Sala Alameda, Provincial Council of Malaga, Malaga
2010 Hold on! Installation, mixed media, photo, Espacio Tres de Málaga 2013 Cut-outs, Gravura Workshop, Málaga 2014 EX-position, CAC, Málaga 2017 Visibles, Cervantes Theater, Málaga 2018 Treasure Island, “NaKashirke” Gallery (Union of Moscow Exhibition Halls) Moscow, Russia 2019 Transforma, Moroccan Hispanic Studies Center, Malaga

His social concerns, feminist militancy and environmental awareness mark his works, presided over many times by reflection on the passage of time and a subtle sense of humor.
At 19.30 on Thursday, January 30, 2020, Collective Feminist Cultural Observatory, association to which Madeleine Edberg belongs, pays tribute to the multifaceted artist at the Athenaeum of Malaga with an act in which artists and cultural agents of Malaga will participate as Victoria Abón, president of the Ateneo, Tecla Lumbreras, vice chancellor of culture and sport of the UMA, Isabel Garnelo, president of Colectiva, Ángela Calero, representing Colectiva, Rebeca Reyes, Sandra Martínez Céspedes, Karolina Kinnander Ciempiés, daughter, artist and collaborator Madeleine and Verónica Ruth Frías.

The tribute has been possible thanks to Alla Yanovsky, Ángela Calero, Carmen Cortés, Carmen Moreno, Isabel Garnelo, Jim Lorena, Karolina Kinnander Ciempiés, Mati Moreno, María Bueno, María Lafuente Lettuce, María López Villalba, María Mallén, Marian Martín, Pepa Babot, Rebeca Reyes, Sandra Martínez Céspedes, Lumbreras Key, Verónica Ruth Frías and Victoria Abón.

Collective Cultural Observatory Feminist is a non-profit association whose main objective is to ensure the rights of women artists, the application of good practices and the gender perspective in public institutions that work in the exhibition, dissemination and conservation of contemporary art works. Colectiva is made up of professionals from all sectors of art (literature, visual arts, visual arts, audiovisual, performances, music, theater, etc.), as well as students and teachers in subjects related to artistic manifestations.