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Organized by: City Council of Caudete

  • Categories: Painting Contests
  • Convenor: City Council of Caudete
  • Prize: € 3000 + € 2,500 + € 2000 + € 1200 + € 1000 (acquisitions)
  • Presentation: Presencial + Correo
  • Place: Caudete, Albacete
  • Start date: 01-10-2018
  • Closing date: 09-10-2018

Bases XV Caudete National Watercolor Contest

1. Spanish or foreign artists may attend this contest.

2. The theme will be free and original. Only one work per author will be admitted, being an indispensable condition that has not been awarded in any other contest.

3. The works will necessarily be framed with a 4 cm thick solid beech wood frame. and protected with methacrylate.

4. Dimensions of the work (painted surface): maximum 100 x 70 cm .; minimum: 55 cm. (in any of its dimensions).

5. The packing, transportation and insurance of the work will be for the account of the contestant, both in its delivery and its collection. The packaging must offer sufficient guarantees to avoid possible damage to the works.

6. On the back of the work, the name and surnames of the artist must clearly appear. In a separate envelope, the registration form that is attached to these bases will be delivered in its entirety. Contestants will accompany a resume or biographical note, a photocopy of the DNI and photograph, in CD in color and with sufficient quality of the work submitted to the contest.

7. The MI Ayuntamiento de Caudete will not be responsible, for any reason, for the loss, deterioration or loss of the works that attend this Contest during its term; not subscribing insurance policy to the effect that covers any risk.

8. The admission of the works will take place in the House of Culture of Caudete (Albacete), Calle Las Eras 33, CP 02660. informacion@casadecultura.caudete.org or cultura@caudete.org . Telephone: 965828130. Consigning that they will compete in the Fifteenth National Watercolor Contest. The works will be admitted from October 1 to November 9, 2018. Admission schedule: Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

9. The following prizes are fixed:

  • FIRST PRIZE: 3,000 euros. Donated by Camacho Recycling and the Department of Culture of the MI City Council of Caudete. Diploma of the MI City Council of Caudete.
  • SECOND PRIZE: 2,500 euros. Donated by Fundación Caja Rural Albacete Globalcaja. Diploma of the MI City Council of Caudete.
  • THIRD PRIZE: 2,000 euros. Donated by Mármoles Bolmax .. Diploma of the MI City Council of Caudete. by Camacho Recycling and the Department.
  • FOURTH PRIZE: 1,200 euros. Donated by Crisnova Vidrio. Diploma of the MI City Council of Caudete.
  • FIFTH PRIZE: 1,000 euros. Donated by Caudete Transportation. Diploma of the MI City Council of Caudete.

The jury may award as many "Honorable Mentions" as it deems appropriate.

Any prize may be declared void. The authors awarded in the previous edition may participate, but they will not be eligible for any of the first three prizes.

10. The winning works will be in the hands of the MI City Council of Caudete or the entities that donate the prizes. However, if the awarded artists preferred to keep the property of their works it is understood that they would renounce the cash prizes, being awarded with the corresponding trophies.

11. The jury will be integrated by the Mayor of Caudete, the winner of the first prize of the previous contest and several personalities of recognized prestige in the field of the plastic arts. Its composition will be announced once the term of presentation of the works has finished.

12. The jury will select, from all the received works, those that will be exposed.

13. With the selected works, an exhibition will be organized that will be inaugurated on November 18 and that will remain open until December 15, 2018.

14. The publication of the jury's decision and the award ceremony will be carried out on the opening day of the exhibition, in the Exhibition Hall of the Casa de Cultura de Caudete. The decision of the jury will be unappealable, being essential the attendance of the winners to the delivery of prizes.

15. The removal of the exhibited and unexposed works will take place from January 7, 2019. The withdrawal of works will be in the House of Culture of Caudete, Calle Las Eras 33. It will be necessary to present the receipt and meet the deadlines set for the withdrawal of the works. Otherwise, it will be understood that the author transfers his property to the City Council of Caudete, which may be given to him at the destination he deems appropriate.

16. Participation in this Contest implies acceptance of these rules. The interpretation of the same corresponds to the jury. The incidents that may occur will be resolved by the organization of the Contest (MI City Council of Caudete).

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