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- Date and Time: Monday, 06/19/2017 18:00

- Comment: The "cafesico" is a debate activity that recovers the coffee field as a meeting place where to reflect, express and share our dive ( Read More ... )

Meeting of the group of Plastic Arts

- Date and Time: Monday, 06/19/2017 20:30

- Comment: We would like us to make a balance between the activities we have carried out in this season, as well as by sketching ( Read More ... )

Cycle Transparencies: Manuel Delgado Cabeza

- Date and Time: Tuesday, 06/20/2017 20:30

- Comment: On Tuesday 20 June, we will interview Manuel Delgado Cabeza, Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Seville, Researcher. Po ( Read More ... )

Literary Group. Monthly meeting.

- Date and Time: Tuesday, 06/20/2017 20:00

- Comment: ( Read More ... )

BOOK CLUB: My name is Lucy Barton

- Date and Time: Wednesday, 06/21/2017 20:30

- Comment: My name is Lucy Barton, by ELIZABETH STROUT. In a hospital room in the heart of Manhattan, in front of the illuminated Chrysler Building, whose ( Read More ... )

PARTY OF THE LETTERS: Performance Aitema and Nadzhír concert

- Date and Time: Thursday, 06/22/2017 21:00

- Commentary: Feast of Letters on the occasion of the awards ceremony of the 5th Microrrelations Competition of the Athenaeum of Mairena del Aljarafe. They will act on ( Read More ... )


- Date and Time: Thursday, 06/22/2017 20:30

- Comment: Weekly meeting to chat in English Coordinates: Jill Snow ( Read More ... )


- Date and Time: Friday, 06/23/2017 20:30

- Comment: As it is tradition in our warm Ateneo, we will celebrate the Night of San Juan in an unexpected way. Nothing more and nothing less than Rocio de Frutos will make us ( Read More ... )

Bonfire, spells and sangria

- Date and Time: Friday, 06/23/2017 23:00

- Comment: After the concert, the traditional fire will be lit, the spells of water and fire will be recited and a refreshing sangria will be distributed. & Nbs ( Read More ... )
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