13 May
17 May

Ateneo de Cádiz


Monday 13, 7.30 pm
Conference: "Campano, 135 years of history", by Mr. José Luis Aragón Panés (Anthropologist) , which will be presented by Mr. Francisco Glicerio Conde Mora (Assistant to the President).

Tuesday 14, 7.30 pm
Literary Tertulia: "The sea invites you to dream".
Coordinated by: Ms. Rafaela Becerra and Mr. Ramón Luque (Members of the Board of Directors).

Wednesday 15, 7.30 pm
Tertulia Marítima: "Costa del Sur, tuna fishing. Documentary, 35 ".
Coordinator: Mr. Julio Molina Font (Member of the Board of Directors).

Thursday 16, 7.30 pm
Conference "Prostate cancer" , by Dr. D. Federico Rodríguez Rubio (Urologist and Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the UCA).
Coordinates: Dr. Antonio Ares Camerino (Secretary General of the Athenaeum).

Friday 17, 7.30 pm
Conference: "The Universe, Life and Man" , by D. Serafín Pazo (Professor of Physics and Chemistry and Dr. in Pharmacy).

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