Ateneo de Cádiz

Monday 10, 7.30 pm
Classroom of Military Studies: Conference entitled "Memories of Africa (on the banks of the Niger)" , by Rubén Juárez Miranda (sergeant 1, Parachute Launcher Company (GLPAC), Paratrooper Brigade). Presents Mr. Francisco Glicerio Conde Mora (Deputy to the President).

Tuesday 11, 7.30 pm
Literary Tertulia: "Happiness".
Coordinated by: Ms. Rafaela Becerra and Mr. Ramón Luque (Members of the Board of Directors).

Wednesday 12, 7.30 pm
Tertulia Musical: "Hispano-American Popular Music".
Coordinator: Mr. Juan Pablo Otero (Member of the Board of Directors).

Thursday 13, 7.30 pm
Healthy Life: Conference "Colorectal Cancer" , by Dr. D. Juan Miguel Santiago.
Coordinates and presents: Dr. D. Antonio Ares Camerino (Secretary General).

Friday 14, 7.30 pm
Gathering of Pharmacy: "Medical-pharmaceutical theater at the time of the return to Sanlúcar de Barrameda in the ships of the first circumnavigation to the Earth (1522)".
Coordinator: Ms. Paloma Ruiz Vega (Member of the Board of Directors).

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