1 Dec
20 Dec

Free entry until complete seats.

All the acts will be held at the Ateneo headquarters (C / Ancha, 20-1º) at 7:30 p.m., except those where different places and times are indicated.


Friday, 1

Literary Gathering: "Christmas: an invitation to hope and hope"

Coordinated by: Ms. Rafaela Becerra and Mr. Ramón Luque, members of the Board of Directors.


Monday, 4

Conference "The Gaditan Practitioner (1916-1939) and the origin of the collegial organization of Nursing in Cádiz", by Mrs. Mariana García, ateneísta.
Presented by Mr. Manuel Cano Leal, ateneist.


Tuesday, 5

Admission as a new attendant of Mr. Andrés Fernández Díaz, Professor of Economic Policy and advisor emeritus of the Court of Auditors, with a lecture entitled "The new faces of Science: a reflection".
Presented by Mrs. María Julia Bordonado Bermejo, accredited Dra professor of Private and Public Universities.
Intervention of Mr. José Almenara Barrios, 2nd Vice-president of the Athenaeum


Monday 11

Tertulia Taurina: "The teacher Rafael Ortega in memory. Projection of videos of the last performances in public ".

Guests: The killer Luis Parras, 'Jerezano', Mr José Almenara, Mr Guillermo Boto, Mr Jerónimo Roldán and Mr Sergio Pérez.

Coordinator: Mr. Luis Rivas, member of the Board of Directors.


Tuesday 12

"Constitutional dialogues".
Speakers: Mr. José Rodríguez de la Borbolla, former President of the Junta de Andalucía. Mr. Ramón Vargas Machuca, former Secretary of the Congress of Deputies and Professor of UCA. Mr. Miguel Revenga Sánchez, Professor of Constitutional Law of the UCA.
Intervention by Mr. Ignacio Moreno Aparicio, President of the Ateneo.

Place: Regio Provincial Hall.


Tuesday 12

Classroom of Military Studies: Conference "The Indigenous Regular Forces", by Carlos González Rosado, researcher and writer.

Coordinator: Mr. Francisco Glicerio Conde Mora, Deputy to the President.


Wednesday, 13

Tertulia Musical: "He came in the opera".

Coordinator: Mr. Juan Pablo Otero, member of the Board of Directors.


Thursday, 14

Pharmacy talk: "Pharmaceutical notes of Francisco Javier Laso de la Vega, founder of the Medical-Surgical Society of Cádiz in 1818"

Coordinator: Ms. Paloma Ruiz Vega, member of the Board of Directors.


Friday, 15

Presentation of the book "Genealogy of the Súnico Family. From the 18th to the 21st century in the service of the Crown at sea ", by its authors, D. Francisco G. Conde Mora and D. Fernando Mósig Pérez.
Intervention by Mr. Ignacio Moreno Aparicio, President of the Ateneo.


Monday, 18 - 20:00 h.

Traditional Christmas Concert performed by the Gadir Group.

Christmas greeting by Mr. Ignacio Moreno Aparicio, President of the Ateneo.

Place: Casino Gaditano. Plaza de San Antonio.


Monday, 18

Tertulia Deportiva: "Analysis of current events"

Coordinator: Mr. Manuel Lapi, member of the Board of Directors.


Tuesday, 19

Tertulia Flamenca: "Pericón de Cádiz, cante".

Coordinator: Mr. Germán López; member of the Board of Directors.


Wednesday, 20

Tertulia Turística: "The accessible culture; Adapted hotels and Cádiz, an accessible destination ". Speaker: Ms. Laura Fernández Guelfo, Official Tourism Guide.

Coordinator: Ms. Josefa Díaz Delgado, member of the Board of Directors.


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