Ateneo de Cádiz

Monday 6, 7.30 pm
Sociological Tertulia: "The encounter between scientific culture and the humanistic culture".
Coordinator: Mr. Diego Jiménez Benítez (4th Vice President).

Tuesday 7, 7.30 pm
International Politics Gathering: "Venezuela in the Eye of the Hurricane". With the participation of Mr. José Antonio Barroso (Former Mayor of Puerto Real).
They coordinate: Mrs. Purificación González de la Blanca (Member of the Board of Directors) and Mr. Juanlu González (International Analyst).

Wednesday 8, 7.30 pm
Tertulia Musical: "Zarzuelas: La Dolorosa and Los Claveles".
Coordinator: Mr. Juan Pablo Otero (Member of the Board of Directors).

Thursday 9, 7.30 pm
Conference: "The Architecture and Urbanism of Sanlúcar at the time of the 1st circumnavigation of Magallanes and Elcano" , by José María Esteban (1st Vice-president).

Friday 10, 7.30 pm
Pharmacy Gathering: "Medicine and Mineral Pharmacy in the ships of Magallanes and Elcano at the exit for the first circumnavigation to the Earth (1519)".
Coordinator: Ms. Paloma Ruiz Vega (Member of the Board of Directors).

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