A multidisciplinary cultural event that specializes in the fantastic nature, suspense, horror and science fiction.

The event, which has been held successfully for several years, is led by writer and specialist in the fantasy genre Angel Gómez Rivero essayist, supported by Juan Emilio Rios Vera, President of Ateneo "Jose Roman" of Algeciras, also an enthusiastic team of fond of fantastic arts collaborator, composed largely by alumni of the University of Cadiz.

The Mystic, sculpture created by Nacho Falgueras for the Contest, pet and model for awards

As in previous editions, the 2016, the poster can be seen beside this text, will feature the participation of many personalities of the local culture, and important guests related to gender. It will be held over from 8 to 12 November, and major events and film screenings will take place at the Teatro Florida in our city. Of these we reported on this website and on our Facebook account.

Short, Microrrelatos, Illustrations and Photographs: As usual, the contest within four competitions related to different discipinas the fantastic arts are held.

You can find the bases of the contests in http://www.algecirasfantastika.info

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