Cultural activities.

The Ateneo de Granada is a non-profit
has as its purpose the promotion and dissemination of culture in its
various manifestations, as well as the defense and promotion of
democratic values, human rights and freedom in
broadest sense.
The Ateneo de Granada aims to be a forum for reflection and debate
ideas, in which prevail freedom of expression, respect,
civic spirit and critical sense.
The Ateneo de Granada brings together people interested in the
thought, culture, science and knowledge in all areas;
promoting a broad program of activities, sometimes in
collaboration with other organizations, public and private. In this
course develops the following cycles:
 Creativity and Madness
 Genetics day
 Democracy Debate
 The climate a factor Friend or Foe?
 Tertulias Atheneum
 Environment
 Poetry in the Garden (in collaboration with the Centre
Andaluz de las Letras)
 Write me a story
 The Culture of our time
 Justice in Spain
 Excursions and guided tours
Besides these cycles and activities, others develop the thread
cultural or political news
You can find out more detail on our website:
Ateneo de Granada