6 Nov
12 Nov

Monthly meeting photography group

- Date and Time: Monday, 06/11/2017 20:00

- Comment: Hello everyone, We meet again to see the monographic theme of this month: CLOUDS. the climatology does not accompany, by the heats, so that ( Read More ... )

COPA_FILO. Educating for peace and violence

- Date and Time: Tuesday, 07/11/2017 20:15

- Comment: * Impressed by the radicalization and action of the group of young "jihadists" of the events in Barcelona, ​​in charge of a rather unimpressive magnet ( Read More ... )


- Date and Time: Wednesday, 08/11/2017 18:00

- Comment: Every Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. AITEMA, theater group of the Athenaeum, embarks on the adventure of the theater, without a parachute, without a safety belt and s ( Read More ... )


- Date and Time: Wednesday, 08/11/2017 20:30

- Comment: The theme that we will deal with this season is that of spices. Spices interest us because of their diversity and the character they impose in the elaboration ( Read More ... )

Transparencies: Interview with Joaquín Araújo

- Date and Time: Thursday, 09/11/2017 20:30

- Comment: On Thursday, November 9, we will be honored to receive Joaquín Araújo at the Ateneo, naturalist, disseminator, journalist, writer, poet, confer ( Read More ... )

Chorus of the Athenaeum

- Date and Time: Thursday, 09/11/2017 18:30

- Comment: A choir is in the process of formation at the Ateneo, the voice and rehearsal tests will take place every Thursday from 6.30 to 20 in the Sala Rolando del Ate ( Read More ... )

Autumn Hootenanny

- Date and Time: Saturday, 11/11/2017 21:00

- Comment: We celebrate the first Hootenanny (*) in the autumn on November 11 and hope that it will be repeated every year. There will be several fans of folk music and ( Read More ... )

The Ateneo Spoon: Altar de Muertos and Mexican Food.

- Date and time: Sunday, 12/11/2017 14:30

- Comment: Spoon of the Athenaeum: Sunday November 12 at 14.30. ALTAR DE MUERTOS, YOUR DEAD AND MY DEAD (Bring your dead) Cooks: N ( Read More ... )

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