9 Jan
11 Jan

COPA_FILO. How we feel life

- Date and Time: Tuesday, 09/01/2018 20:15

- Comment: In the last gathering, with the theme: "How we feel death", it became clear that the lack of regulation at the time of the death of a person, is every u ( Read More ... )

"The Creative Process" Work carried out "Inauguration of the exhibition of paintings and sculptures by José M. Fernández Mariscal

- Date and Time: Wednesday, 01/10/2018 8:00 PM

- Comment: THE CREATICO PROCESS. WORK CARRIED OUT The exhibition presented at the Ateneo de Mairena, even though it is not very large in number ( Read More ... )

GASTRONOMY GROUP. THE SPICES. Turmeric and ginger.

- Date and Time: Wednesday, 10/01/2018 20:30

- Comment: THE CUMRCUMA AND THE GINGER. Turmeric and ginger are two closely related spices in their taxonomy, both belong to the family zingiberaceas, anatom ( Read More ... )

Carmen Galán Soldevilla, Scientist

- Date and Time: Thursday, 11/01/2018 20:00

- Comment: Carmen Galán Soldevilla, is a scientist. Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Córdoba, she is a recognized expert in the field of ( Read More ... )
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