30 Jan

Ateneo Libre de Benalmádena

The Free Athenian of Bebnalmadena has the pleasure of inviting you to your next gathering in which the figure of "CARMEN DE BURGOS (COLOMBINE), Andalusian, advanced of feminism, writer and not yet well known among us will be glossed. de Rosa Ballesteros Garcia, Doctor in History and specialized in Gender.


Carmen de Burgos "Colombine" (Almería, 1867-Madrid, 1932). Teacher, journalist, writer, novelist, social activist and feminist, ateneist, masone and, above all, pioneer in our country at a time when women were kept in the shadow of man: father, husband or any male member of the family. She was one of the women who managed to have a "curriculum" of her own.

He wrote from what today would be called a gender perspective long before that concept existed. He was aware of the power that came with reaching readers. One of his first reports dealt with the situation of children in prisons. That was just the beginning of a neat career: more than a hundred short novels, a dozen long essays, translations, nearly 10,000 press articles ...

He died "with his boots on" while lecturing in defense of women. He died saying: "I die happy because I die republican". She was the first woman that the Francoist dictatorship included in her "black list" of "non gratos" characters.




* Degree in Philosophy and Letters (UMA).

* Research Sufficiency: Doctorate Program "Social groups and collective mentalities in Modern and Contemporary History".

* Doctor in Contemporary History (UMA)

* University Expert in Gender and Equality of Opportunities (UMA)

* Specialist in Women's History. Writer and lecturer.

Xº "Victoria Kent" Research Prize of the University of Málaga

Related research groups:

Group of Andalusian Historical Research (GRIHAN)

Seminar on Interdisciplinary Studies of Women (SEIM / UMA)

Spanish Association for the Research of the History of Women (AEIHM)

Member of the Network of Unity for Equality of Andalusian Public Universities (RUIUPA).

Collaborations as an expert (External evaluator)

Magazine of Social History

Bet Social Sciences Magazine (Editorial Committee and External Evaluator)

L'Atalante Journal of film studies.

Milcayac (University of Cuyo, Argentina)

Published books:

(2017): The cinema is not only a game of men. Directors of silent films , Editorial Académica Española (EAE), ISBN 978-620-2-24531-9,2017.

(2014): With foreign name. Bio-filmographies of actresses in Spanish cinema (1916-1950) . Málaga, Publications Service of the University of Málaga (SPICUM), Athena Collection.

(2010): Film writers. Gallery of authors (1934-2000) . Málaga, Publications Service of the University of Málaga, Col. Atenea nº 71.

(2010): Daughters of Galiana. A literary trip with Toledo in the background . Ciudad Real, Almud, editions of Castilla-La Mancha, Añil Library.

(2012): Toledo, factory of dreams. The cinema in Toledo (1901-2010). Toledo, Editorial Covarrubias.

(2001): The Portuguese feminist movement: From the republican awakening to the salazarist exclusion (1909-1947) . Málaga, University of Málaga, Col. Athena.

(2000): María Veleda . Madrid, Ediciones del Orto.

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