28 May

Ateneo Libre de Benalmádena

The Free Athenian of Benalmádena announces the celebration of some days on "Mythology and cinema" in which we will consider the existence of the mythological archetypes in the modern stories with which the cinema shows us its critical vision of our current society.

The days are structured over four days that will coincide with the four Tuesdays of the month of May, namely:

Tuesday, 5/7/2019


"The sirens".


Tuesday, 05/14/2019

Classical and ancient myths (continued):

Aphrodite / Venus. The amazon. Antigone. Boudica. Circe. Electra. Fedra.

Helena Iphigenia Lady Godiva Medea Pandora.

Biblical characters:

Esther Judith. Bad girls: Dalila. Lilith / Eva. Maria Magdalena. Salome.


Tuesday, 5/21/2019

Real characters:

Anne Boleyn. Catherine of Russia. Cleopatra Cristina from Sweden. Isabel of Castile Elizabeth of England. Joan of Arc. The Beautiful Otero. Leonor of Aquitaine. Lola Montez Lucrezia Borgia. Marie Antoinette. Kill hari. Messalina Poppea. Sappho of Lesbos. Theodora .


Tuesday, 05/28/2019

Literary characters :

Anna Karenina Bernarda Alba Carmen. Emma Bovary The Celestina. Lady Macbeth. Luisa Casati. Margarita Gautier Naná Yerma




These days will be in charge of Dr. Rosa M. Ballesteros.