14 Jun

Exc. Ateneo de Sevilla

Mr. Ángel Alberto Núñez Moreno, Coordinator of the Post Seals Project of the First Round the World Presents.

Speaker: Mr. Leoncio-Alonso González de Gregorio, Álvarez de Toledo.
XXII Duke of Medina Sidonia and XXVI Count of Niebla.

Businessman and Professor of Economic History in the Department of History of Economic Institutions of the UCLM.


In this conference, elaborated from an unpublished document crossing, D. Leoncio-Alonso González de Gregorio Álvarez de Toledo, studies the nature and consequences of the Cervantes / Medina Sidonia collaboration in a company as singular as the Invincible Armada, to whose light literary reflexes that arise in the work of Cervantes, interpreted as a direct consequence of the historical events in which both participated.

Recall that ... More than ten years was Cervantes in Andalusia. He arrived in Seville in the first days of May of 1587, where thanks to D. Diego de Valdivia, Mayor of the Royal Audience, he obtained the position of real commissioner of supplies for the Invincible Armada.

And that ... Accused by the corregidor of Écija of illegal sale of grain (1592), enters the prison of Castro del Río.

An obligatory question: Apart from its route, widely known, by several cities and towns of Cádiz, Jaén and Sevilla, would not D. Miguel visit Sanlúcar de Barrameda?

Another question: Do you know the reasons why the Invincible Armada was not so Invincible?

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