20 Jun
26 Jul

Athenaeum of Malaga

On the occasion of the WORLD DAY OF THE REFUGEE, which is commemorated at international level on June 20, the Athenaeum of Malaga shows its most conscientious and supportive side with the opening of two exhibitions that address, from totally different points of view the same subject, the suffering that Syrian refugees are suffering in their transit in search of a dignified life.


The exhibition " En Busca de Refugio " is a collective exhibition of photography organized by CEAR in collaboration with the Madrid City Council and the Ateneo de Málaga.

The objective is to bring and illustrate the odyssey of people fleeing wars and persecutions. It is composed of 25 photographs of 8 photographers and / or photojournalists who testify to the eerie reality of origin, flight, migration (mainly in Greece) and arrival in Spain. The exhibition has images of part of this terrible route. A journey covered by photographers such as Olmo Calvo, Sergi Cámara, Alicia Petrashova, Pablo Tosco, Gabriel Tizón, María Contreras Coll, Santi Donaire and César Cid.

The Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR) has been defending the right to asylum and human rights since 1979, promoting the integral development of refugees who have been fleeing wars or violations of human rights, asylum seekers, stateless persons and migrants. need for international protection and / or at risk of social exclusion.



On the other hand, in the Frank Rebajes Space, the exhibition of the Malagan artist Lola Villalba Racero is inaugurated , " BLACK DAY, FRAGILE WHITE" , a conceptual project that consists of images of the disintegration and destruction of the sculptures of 28 hands of ice , "Frágil Blanco", one for each EU member country, as a metaphor describing the injustice, the helplessness and the human suffering caused by the so-called "Pact of Shame", signed by the 28 member countries of the EU on the 11th of April 2016, which initiated the deportation and mass explusions of Syrian refugees. This day was called the "Black Day " of the EU by humanitarian organizations.

This exhibition, curated by Victoria Abón, is the project that Lola Villalba carried out as a final project of the Higher Cycle of Photography at the San Telmo School of Art.

At the opening ceremony , which will take place in the Ateneo Assembly Hall at 7:30 p.m., there will be a round table with the participation of Santi Donaire , freelance photojournalist and one of the photographers of the exhibition ; Fabiola Barranco , journalist and coordinator of the exhibition and Francisco Cansino , territorial coordinator of CEAR Eastern Andalusia.


Both exhibitions will be open to the public from June 20 to July 26. Visiting hours are from 6 to 9:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

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