16 Jun

Ateneo Popular of Almodóvar del Río

The Citizen Initiative for the declaration of the Natural Park of Sierra Morena of Cordoba resumes the same historical initiative that was presented as a motion in the full town hall of Cordoba in 1991. In that plenary, the City Council agreed to initiate the procedures for the declaration of Natural park of our Sierra, but never took place.

At the end of 2015, the proposal is taken up again by a group of independent people, who are convinced that the declaration of a natural park in the north of the Sierra Morena of Cordoba not only benefits the territory in question but also the development And conservation of the entire ecosystem of the Sierra Morena mountain range. We believe it is absurd to protect only parts of this great and magnificent ecosystem and make it islands (when it is continent), because the greatest reason for its natural and cultural sustainability lies precisely in the open and continuous character of its large habitat (400km long). The declaration of the natural park of the northern area of ​​the Sierra Morena of Cordoba, would mean the union of the natural parks of Hornachuelos and Cardeña-Montoro and, consequently, almost complete protection of the mountain range.

Our intention is that, in a way, as many people as possible, as well as associations and collectives, join in the petition to pressure the public institutions and make them see the need and urgency to fully protect this territory that, more than A boundaries or administrative identities, is a place of shared places (natural and cultural landscapes, values, history and identity-es) by the communities of inhabitants that form the four northern provinces of Andalusia.

At the moment, we do not have a physical and concrete place from which to act (only on Facebook, under the name of the Citizens' Initiative for the Sierra Morena Natural Park of Cordoba, where to contact, join, support and inform), neither We need it, for now it is urgent to be nomads rather than sedentary, itinerant, guide our steps and activities in the exchange of opinions with the people who populate the future park through the meetings of reflection and debate that we organize, jointly weighing pros and cons Of the initiative, and we accompany two collective photographic exhibitions of the nature and culture of our Sierra Morena. The character of our decisions is assemblage.
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