12 May

Ateneo Popular Almodóvar del Río

We encourage you to join this interesting trip ...

Have you ever wondered why some days you have insomnia or desire to go out and interact on certain nights?
Maybe a few years the heads of the garlic that plants fat and others not?
Why do plants not respond in the same way when they are cut into scents or conservation?
You and many other questions we can glimpse understanding the movements that the Moon has with respect to our planet and the main zodiacal signs of our galaxy.

Do you know the waning moon? And rising crescent? ... The stars influence us, they do not determine. It is still interesting to know when we are influencing when we are going to intervene in our body, orchard, habitats ...

Free Monographic Course of the course of the EmpoderAcierto Flower of the Popular University of Permaculture carried out by RCVicent