6 Nov
8 Nov

Athenaeum of Malaga

The Ninth Korea Week organized by the University of Malaga and Andalucía TECH, through the UMA-ATECH Bridge with Korea Office, closes its cultural program with the 'Korea through the Gender Lens' film cycle, activity carried out in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Center of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Athenaeum of Malaga.


November 6 - 6:00 p.m. | Presentation Window on Korea + Dramatized Reading + Cineforaum: 'Breathing Underwater'. Subsequent colloquium with students of the Degree of studies in East Asia.

물숨 ('Breathing Underwater')

Direction: 고희영 (Koh Hee-young) Year: 2016 Duration: 81 min. Genre: Documentary

Tells the story of the haenyeo or female divers from the Korean island of Jeju, who have to learn to hold their breath under water to survive, and the mulsum (breathing underwater). Seven years of cinematographic work filming and entering into the world of these women, have given rise to this feature film that shows us as never before the life of this very closed community.

Koh Hee-young is a natural documentary director on Jeju Island. Before his documentary stage, he was a television scriptwriter in different chains of South Korea, arriving to live in China for work. His biggest success has been the documentary Breathing Underwater.


November 7 - 6pm | Cineforam: 'Little Forest', by Yim Soon-rye. Subsequent colloquium with Cristina Consuegra (Member of the Feminismo de Ateneo de Málaga) and Cristina Serradilla Martínez and Rocío Gambero Valenzuela (students of the Degree in East Asian Studies).

리틀 포레스트 ('Little Forest')

Direction: Yim Soon-rye Year: 2018 Duration: 103 min. Comedy genre.

A young teacher fails in studies, in love and in her attempt to find work, all while living in the city. He decides to go back to his hometown in the country to get away from it and take a break. There he is reunited with two great friends of his childhood with whom he will spend a relaxed time and search for oneself.

Yim Soon-rye is one of the most outstanding film directors in South Korea and current director of the NGO for animal rights KARA. After his debut with "Tres Amigos" in 1996 he has maintained a continuous career with films like Sorry, Thanks (2011), about animal themes, or Whistle Blower (2014), based on one of the biggest cases of scientific fraud in history.


November 8 - 6pm | Cineforam: 'A Single Rider', by Lee Joo-young. Subsequent colloquium with Ángeles Liñán (Sub-delegate of equality of the UMA), Eun Kyung Kang (dramatist and teacher of the UMA) and Ana Jorge Alonso (teacher of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the UMA).

싱글 라이더 ('A Single Rider')

Direction: Lee Joo-young Year: 2017 Duration: 97 min. Genre: Drama

A businessman from a major financial company is involved in a case of corruption that ends up ruining his clients and the financial itself. Now the businessman wanders aimlessly and decides to go to Australia in search of his wife and daughter, whom he had left aside. His wife does not need him anymore, he has remade his life with another man and things are going well for him. He watches her from a distance, lamenting for everything he left behind.

Lee Joo-young is an incipient director who has gained fame in the country thanks to this film. He studied Audiovisual Animation in the university and later became part of the advertising industry. Later, he returned to the educational system to train in screenwriting, a period which served as the basis for his entry into the world of cinema.


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