20 Oct

Popular Athenaeum of Almodóvar del Río

In these first days will be announced different Natural Therapies, to prevent and heal all kinds of ailments and / or diseases.

The Days of Natural Therapies are focused from the prism of Holistic Health, that is, we can know Physical Natural Therapies, such as Food & the Conscious Movement; Natural Mental Therapies, where we can experience the practice of Mindfulness and the wisdom of the New Germanic Medicine. And Natural Therapies
Energetics, where we can learn about Quantum Kinesioliogy and Karuna Reiki.

The Conference is aimed at anyone who is interested in the management of their own Health, whether professional or beginner in Natural Therapies.

Admission is free and limited capacity.

For registration you have to send a message via washapp to 626 40 82 86, indicating name, surnames and I Days of
Natural therapies.

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