April 3 in El Cuervo de Sevilla.

The Cultural Ateneo Andaluz Arbonaida and Laguna Environmental Association of Tollos, collective of El Cuervo de Sevilla, announces the II Fast Painting Contest outdoor Laguna de los Tollos, which will be held on April 3 in El Cuervo de Sevilla.
Following the success of the first edition, which was attended by 49 painters of Andalusia, this year the event incorporates important innovations, the main stage: the painters can paint the Laguna de los Tollos and its surroundings, but also anywhere in the people and their environment.
Registration and reception and sealing of the paintings will take place in the Dew Park House, and delivery of the works in the House of Slugs El Cuervo, where all works will be exhibited and prizes will be awarded. The day will be completed by environmental and cultural activities.
The objective of this activity, besides the artistic purely focuses on highlight and spread the benefits of this wetland, about to complete its restoration phase, is the pride of this town, a great environmental value for its location, It is harboring bird species and size, as well as an economic engine and social potential for this town.
Contact: Gonzalo Amarillo. Tel .: 606 748 075