10 Mar

VISIT TO THE ALTIPLANO DE GRANADA: GALERA AND ORCE , within the cycle "In search of our origins", coordinates Fidel Delgado Salazar .

Galera: to know the culture of the Algar (Castellón Alto) and the Museum.

Orce: visit the Josep Gibert Interpretation Center, where you can see the famous skull of the Man of Orce.

Lunch: in Galera you can choose lunch at the Restaurant La Posá, or do it for free. The menu offered by the Restaurant is: Starters, salad, roasted in a tin (segureño or trout lamb), drink, dessert and coffee. Agreed price € 18 . When the registration is made, an option must be communicated: by free or restaurant.

Saturday, March 10


7.15 Departure from Martín Cuevas plane.

7.30 Departure Park Villages of America

9.00 Breakfast stop (20 mins.)

10.30 Visitors center of Galera.

11.00 Visit Castellón Alto (Difficulty medium / high) (Admission € 1).

12.15 Museum of Galera (Entrance 1 €).

13.30 Lunch

15.30 Displacement to Orce.

16.00 Interpretation Center of Orce (Entrance 1.5 €).

17.00 Palace of the Segura (Optional: Entrance 1.5 €)

18.00 Return to Motril.

21.00 Arrival in Motril (approx.)


Fidel Delgado Salazar 628685124 (confirm before Tuesday, March 6)

AUTOCAR PRICE : Supporters € 9 . Partners for free.

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