13 Nov

Free Athenaeum of Benalmadena

Spanish poet of the generation of 27, born in Valladolid in 1893 and died in Malaga in 1984. He completed his primary studies in his homeland and studied Philosophy and Letters in Madrid and Granada where he graduated, becoming a Spanish reader in the Sorbonne and at Oxdford and Professor of Literature in Murcia and Seville.

His work is characterized by working "pure poetry" with a positive view of the world. His first book "Canticle" ("Faith of life") did not publish it until 1928. The political conflicts, which forced him into exile, were reflected in his work "Clamor" (Maremagnun 1957, which they will give in the sea 1960, and At the height of the circumstances 1963) that later recovers its vitality in "Tribute" 1967 and in "And other poems" 1973.

He received the Cervantes award in 1976