21 Apr
22 Apr

El Cuervo, Sevilla

Friday 21 April. 21H. SALA LA Ganania CC coaching inn (CROW)
Inauguration of the photographic exhibition Nude Consentidos, Fco. Javier Ramírez "Cachi"

Naked Consentidos is a plea for equality of people using artistically and with exquisite taste bodies unsheltered through which convey a message of profound humanity, all channeled through the senses as quality and vehicle universal perception human being. Each work is a call to the sight, hearing, smell, taste or touch, a riot of sensations that give them life.
In each photograph, where models are anonymous, a human story of great depth and beauty hides, taking care
of every detail, from the light to the color, through posture or the material used in printing and framing of each work.
an ideal complement, texts accompanying each work of Carlos Chauen, José Gálvez and poet cuerveño LUIS SÁNCHEZ GARCÍA.
The exhibition will be installed in the CC Casa de Postas until next May 13 and will be
open to visitors from Monday to Friday from 17h to 20h and Saturday from 11h to 13: 30h.
It is also possible to arrange visits by appointment. Access is completely free.
Saturday 22 April. 12H. MUNICIPAL LIBRARY (CC coaching inn)
Presentation of the novel "El Soldado Asymmetry" by Antonio Manuel.
Asymmetric Soldier is a return to narrative genre of Antonio Manuel, President of the Federation of Ateneos of Andalusia, patron of the Blas Infante Foundation, social, cultural and political activist and prolific pen has given birth, as well as dozens of articles, works as the celebrated "Sleuth Morisca".
In this novel, the result of ten years of reflection on the great miseries and paradoxes of the human condition, Antonio Manuel develops a plot with constant comings and goings along the s. XX and its historical landmarks: the Spanish Civil War, World War II and various intermediate and subsequent periods where, on the board, live and die, love cravenly and impunity betray protagonists nameless characters full of symbolism, capable of the best and the worst, buffeted by an intense story with a narrative style developed traveling between the beautiful and the grotesque. A book to read, enjoy, reflect, excited or indignant to the same extent.
Add to that the immense pleasure of hearing its author and share opinions and thoughts about the book and its big issues, making the public and the reader co-star of the activity.
This activity is organized by the Ateneo Reading Club Arbonaida and access is completely free.
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