8 Nov

Ateneo de Cádiz

Mr. Rafael Raya Rasero (Poet, Essayist, Historian, Novelist) will present his book
"La Andalucíada: Andalusian epic"  

"A Herculean work."
[Fernando Sánchez Dragó]  
"Andalusia, which has its roots as the first civilization of the West beyond the border of the 10th century BC, under the protection of the Tartessian culture settled in the south-west of Andalusia, lacked an epic, legendary text that explained its peculiar affiliation. You have it thanks to the work (about 40 years) of Rafael Raya Rasero. " [Journal of Córdoba]
Read and enjoy this work, as Ortega said of good books.
Free admission until cover capacity.

At the headquarters of the Ateneo (Calle Ancha 20 / 1º)

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