16 Oct

Free Athenaeum of Benalmadena

The writer writes and the reader reads, therefore a dialogue is established where the reader is the one who sets the rules for how his reading will take place and how far he is willing to go in his foray into the text; However, these rules do not always take into account all the distances that texts have to travel from when they were written until they reach the reader. The writer is unique in its global context and has to be interpreted by each and every reader accommodated in their own contexts. The degree of understanding and consequently of acceptance or rejection (which is independent of whether we liked it or not) will always be linked to the knowledge and recognition of the global environments of each of the actors.

The talk will go through both aspects such as time and place, culture, personal circumstances, literary movements, language and translations; in the case of the reader, in addition to any of the above, reasons for reading, degree of interest in an author, subject or time, availability of time, ability to access complementary information, etc.

The talk would close with a couple of documented examples of both fiction and closer to reality, attempts to identify readers with the writer to achieve full understanding of the text.

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