20 Mar

Ateneo Libre de Benalmádena

Sport is one of the most important cultural manifestations of our days. To accept it, you just have to estimate the attention paid to it by the advertising media, the amount of public and private money it manages and the hours of life of the citizens-spectators it consumes.

Sociologists interpret it as an attractive and relaxing spectacle, and at the same time in its competitive aspects they value its facet as an escape valve from work and even political pressures, tensions that in too many occasions seem to go beyond what could be considered the normal limits of its manifestations. of euphoria or disenchantment to become authentic embarrassing spectacles in which spectators who, in addition to fans, are friends or family members to each other, or parents of incipient fans, engage in real fights that can end up in police stations or hospitals.

The massive concentrations that occur today in large sports stadiums give these facts the consideration of serious problems of public order that require special attention from the security and police services.


Ana Scherman is Councilman of the City Council of Benalmádena

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