30 May

Ateneo Libre de Benalmádena



Intervention of Jesús Moreno Álvarez in the cycle of "Tertulias del Ateneo de Benalmádena"


Dr. Jose Luis Cordeiro , founder of the "Singularity University" created by him in Silicon Valley USA and financed by Google and NASA, says that in 20 or 30 years we will be able to cure aging and even rejuvenate people. "This was said recently in a press conference and on all television during his recent conference tour in Spain .


Cordeiro aroused great interest in exposing the scientific fundamentals of why humans age more and more late and why we will even die young and self sufficient but with the age of 110 to 140 years. The human body is controlled by an intelligence based on quantum reality, capable of changing the pattern that designs the cells of the body. We speak of a potential to overcome many diseases and mainly aging.


Prestigious scientists like the rector of the Menéndez Pelayo University and professor of microbiology, César Nombela, believe that it is beyond reasonable to say that a life without end is possible. Nicolás Jouvé is a doctor of biology, a professor of genetics and an expert in bioethics, who claims to try immortality in the human being. "Not only is it crazy, but it is also immoral because of the social, ethical, demographic and economic consequences that this would entail."


It is not about wanting to be immortal - points out Jesús Moreno Álvarez - it's about being very long-lived with an optimum quality of life. And that is possible.

The team of the Singularity University makes it patent in its investigations, in which the book Porqué no tengo Arrugas is inspired . Lozanía Perenne , an informative publication that is the work of this writer from Benalmádena and in which he explains how we can acquire and preserve longevity. -I do not belong to the scientific field- Moreno emphasizes - although as an expert in communication I have been instructed by the organization in strategies for the dissemination of the Lozanía Perenne model.


It would be generating a lineage of autoimmune and young-looking people regardless of their advanced age because they have developed indisputable positive mutations, a phenomenon independent of environmental factors and health conditions.


Jeffrey Satinover, rector of Harvard University and author of the book "The Quantum Brain" has recently said: Most people, even well-informed people, are unaware that quantum mechanics is the dominant theoretical and practical model today in the field of the most advanced science. For quantum mechanics has demonstrated the interrelation between thought and reality. It is the paradigm that when we believe that we can, in reality, we can .

That means that in the creation of our biological reality we have more control than we suppose. Understanding this scientific truth, we will begin to control our biology through the proper use of our thoughts. It is about alerting the population of the magnificent implications that this entails for the future of the quality of our lives.

Disseminating the practical aspects of Active Longevity is the purpose of the dissertation of Jesús Moreno Álvarez within the cycle of Tertulia del Ateneo Libre de Benalmádena that will take place on Wednesday, May 30 at seven thirty in the afternoon at the Ovoide de Arroyo Building of honey.

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