9 Oct

Free Athenaeum of Benalmadena

"Lost in the Afternoon" narrates some of the most outstanding experiences and experiences with thirty relevant intellectuals, who have spoken on the stands of the Athenaeum of Malaga during the eight years in which he has been its president.

Among them are José Luis Sampedro, Antonio Gala, Juan A. Lacomba, Rosa María Calaf, Baltasar Garzón, Iñaqui Gabilondo, Victoria Camps, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Dolores Delgado, Ian Gibson, AngelesCasso, Fernando Arrabal, Salvador Peran, Ramón Tamames ... All they of maximum national and international interest from the point of view of critical thinking.

Note: At the end of the presentation and the gathering, whoever wishes may purchase a book for a donation of € 5. The entire collection will go directly to a Mozambique Hospital, which survives thanks exclusively to donations. The certificate of receipt of the donations will be delivered to the Free Athenaeum of Benalmadena.


Diego Rodríguez Vargas has received different awards for his educational innovations. Where is the forest? He was 1st Santillana Prize 1999. He has published some of his school experiences and in 2007 he received the Recognition of Educational Merit of the Junta de Andalucía for his professional career. At the EU Commission for cultural cooperation with Morocco, he gave lectures in Tetuan and Nador, and collaborated for five years at the Multicultural Theater Festival of Tetuan. In 2005 he published Al son de una casida (translated from Arabic) and Almmariyya, a play on Moroccan emigration, released in June 2006.

In the eight years of the president of the Athenaeum of Malaga, he promoted cultural projects promoting culture in freedom and critical thinking. He is currently vice president of the Andalusian Federation of Athenaeums.

In May 2018 he received the Gold Medal of the Athenaeum of Malaga.

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